Baby Watch

    The royal baby was born today…. a PRINCE.  It was exciting to watch and wait for news to see weather a prince or princess would arrive. 
     I had decided that I would annouce my own pregnancy today.  Well before all the royal baby excitement.  I’m twelve weeks today and our first appointment was two weeks ago.  I had a dating ultrasound and it was reading 5-7 days ahead.  The last measurement was 10 weeks plus 5 days and the due didn’t need to be changed.  So we will have our own baby watch around February 3, 2014. 
      I habe been asked what the heartbeat rate was, so people could guess at the sex.  The doctor didn’t listen to it but we seen it on the ultrasound.   I asked her if she heard it and she said that they don’t listen for it until the next appointment.  Four week until the next appointment and we can hear the heartbeat.   Two months until the big ultrasound!  I still haven’t decided if we will find out.  Part of me really wants to wait because I always found out… but how can I plan if I don’t know. 


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