Sunday Cooking: Refrigerator Pickles and Zucchini Brownies

    The past few weeks we have been getting vegetables from our CSA.  We didn’t use many of the vegetables last week, my lack of cooking.  I didn’t want anything to go bad so I decided to attempt to make refrigerator pickles with the cucumbers.  I guess in 48 hours will know if I succeeded.  I only had one quart size jar so I decided to break out the Heritage Ball jars I had.  First things they get to hold is……. dill pickles! 

Ball Heritage Collection Blue Canning Jars

I decided to make pickles on the spur of the moment so I didn’t have the ingredients on hand.  Hmmm, pickling salt…. Where do you buy this?  Oh wait did I see that at the grocery store?  Let me call and check!  I called the grocery store and asked, ” do you carry pickling salt?”  The girl on the phone replied, “Pickling salt? Hmm.  Let me check.”  A few minutes later she let me know they did carry it so off I went to get all the stuff on the list. 

Ingredients for Refrigerator Pickles

Everything ready to make pickles!  I just looked up a recipe for refrigerator pickles and it said dill, so I thought…. TRY IT!


Refrigerator Dill Pickles, take ONE!

Pickles in the jar, brine on the pickles and they are cooling off.  YES, I need to put the lids on.  Cool and place them in the frig for 48 hours, at least.  Can’t wait to try them!!!

All the ingredients for zucchini brownies.

The next thing on my list was zucchini brownies!  I never liked zucchini as a kid…. well unless it was zucchini bread or zucchini brownies.  I mean really who doesn’t love zucchini brownies?  WHO?  I have been thinking about these for a month or so.  My mom used to make them and I loved them.  My oldest daughter said “yuck, brownies with zucchini!  I am not eating those.”  Well at tonight they were the bedtime snack.  After she brushed her teeth and gave me hug and kiss, she tells me they were GOOD.  “I think they are better than regular brownies!”  There you have it from a 10 year old, veggie-hating girly.  

Refrigerator pickles and zucchini brownies.

There you have it….. zucchini brownies, refrigerator dill pickles and clean dishes!  I actually accomplished something today!


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