April~ Smithfield

      My friend invited me to be her guest at the Smithfield Home and Garden Show.  Wow, it was amazing!  I have always want to do a home show and this was my first.  A few years ago my hubby and I went to the Coastal Living Home in Norfolk.  I was so excited to go out a tour of houses and in good company.  Historical homes, they shared the history behind the homes which it so interesting.  I love hearing about the people who have lived there in the past and at a few of the homes learning about the people who currently live there.  Here are a few of the pictures from the tour, well around town and such.
Flowering Cherry Tree~ I am in love with these trees.  I picture a long driveway lined with these beauties.

Cute lil home we walked past, I love me a covered porch.

Spring Time

Weathered bench, ivy and columbine.

Crepe Myrtle, brick walk and white flowering bush.  Natural arch canopy.

White flowering bush~ snowball bush?

Flowering tree with flowers growing from the bark.  NAME?

Beautiful floral arrangement at the Courthouse.

Saw this little guy and couldn’t help but smile.

So soft & cute marker!

Little mushroom…. I need to get a few for my house.



Purple Tulip

Tweet Tweet.  So cute.

I am so thankful to have gotten to go on the this tour and with be looking to add a few more home tours to my list.  I have told my husband many times that I would love to one day have our home be on a home tour. 


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