On A Whim… A Day Trip

    I adore antiques!  Awhile back I was reading a blog and fell in love with this antique store… um I mean barn.  I barn that has been transformed into a antique store and outside a pink silo with polka dots.  YES… this is right up my alley.  To my amazement it was located in Virginia!  I hae ntioned going there at least a million time and hubby brought be there.  I could have spent a couple thousand dollars easily! 

On A Whim Antiques in Leesburg, VA.

      The main reason for my visit, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I have been wanting to buy some for at least a year now and well there are no dealers super close.  I am sure I could have order it online but how fun is that?  I like to shop, SEE stuff and fill my mind with all the treasures I’ve seen.  I got my paint and already started a project.  I small project but at least I am doing something.  Start small and move on the bigger projects.  The reason for the paint… two bookshelves and an television armoire.  I have know how I would paint them for a few years but it seems like with move all the time.  I will start working on them soon.  I need to take all the books out of them and make myself a place to paint in the garage.

A cute little shop in historic Leesburg, VA.

     I know it will probably take longer than I want o get them started because I will start cleaning the garage and end up doing the whole thing.  We have a HUGE move coming up next year and we  I will be sorting EVERYTHING!  SO newly painted bookshelves…. coming soon.

A romantic dinner for two, four we have children.

One thought on “On A Whim… A Day Trip

  1. What a lovely antique shop! I love old barns and think this is great! Thanks for sharing, we're planning a trip through Virginia this summer so now I want to stop there.Blessings~

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