Waiting to Grow

     In January I started The Simplified Home on wordpress, I have been having a hard time sticking with blogging from wordpress because it is new and different.  I tried but it seem to take me forever to edit one post and add pictures.  After a few months of not using my blog I thought, go back to blogger.  Here I am!
     January is the month for new beginnings and a list of things we would like to accomplish.  I know for myself I had a huge list of places to go and things to accomplish on my to do list.  In the four months, what have I actually crossed off?  Not much.  I hear myself asking, “I wonder if I can make up for the lost time, can I still get back on track and be where I should be?”  In some areas I can make up for the lost time but in others I will never make it up.  I need to start over…. fresh start.  Starting tomorrow I need to look at the list and pick one thing to accomplish daily.  I know that it will help me see the progress I am making and I will be excited to see how much is getting finished.
    What are these things on my today list?
     I have decided that 2013 is a year that I will start making healthier changes in my life, home, and mind.  My family will eat healthier, move more and limit sugar and sweets.  We will remove chemical cleaners and other products in the home that contain unsafe chemicals.  We will use cloth napkins, cloth kitchen towels (instead of paper), we will not be using paper plates and will continue to recycle.  While tossing out the garbage in the house I will also work on tossing out the garbage in my mind.  I know my thinking isn’t helping me and it has been a huge road block for me over the pass few months.  Praying that God will guide me along as I make these changes.

I feel much like the urn above….. I look a little bare but I am full.  My seeds are planted and I am awaiting the rain and sunshine to nourish me.  For when I receive them I will grown and flourish.
~Stephanie (me)

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