Monday Mornings, blah

What is on the agenda for today? A load of laundry at some point during the day. I really should wash out the refrigerator.  I need to clean off my desk but I am not sure I really want to tackle that today.  Tonight… Zumba class!  I haven’t been for almost a whole month now, a combination for Christmas and just feeling depressed/not wanting to do anything.

Quote of the day:

Small changes make a BIG difference.

1000 Gifts {Day 6}    

One thing in your bag, fridge, and your heart.                                                                        

  1. pocket size Bible
  2. Food for the family
  3. Hope of a Canaan Experience in my own life

1000 Gifts {Day 7}                                                                                                       

  3 Graces from people you love

  1. Phone call from my best friend
  2. Daughter’s giggles as she rode her bike
  3. Exciting squeals from older daughter because she getting to Zumba with me tonight

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