Tea Rose Home & Ruby Jean’s Closet Giveaway

Mary at Ruby Jean’s Closet is having a giveaway on Tea Rose Home.  The giveaway is for 5 PDF patterns.  I checked out Ruby Jean’s Closet on Etsy and am so excited about the giveaway because these are adorable patterns.  I have two daughters (and a niece) I can sew for… these patterns would be so fun.  These are the five I would pick if I won!

Peony - Flower Girl Dress. Party Dress PDF Pattern Tutorial, Easy Sew, sizes 12m-10 included

I love this dress….. Peony Flower Girl Dress.  Below a close up of the details.

Peony - Flower Girl Dress. Party Dress PDF Pattern Tutorial, Easy Sew, sizes 12m-10 included

Peggy Sue Ruffle Dress and Top

 Peggy Sue - Ruffle Dress and Top Pattern - Girl's Sewing Pattern. Toddler Dress Pattern. Sizes 2 -10

Peggy Sue - Ruffle Top and Dress Pattern - Girl's Sewing Pattern. Toddler Dress Pattern. Sizes 2-10

Betsy Girl’s Peasant Dress

Betsy - Girl's Peasant Dress Pattern PDF. Girl's Sewing Pattern.Tutorial Easy Sew Sizes 12m-10 included

Sweet Cheeks Peasant Top

Sweet Cheeks - Peasant Top Pattern PDF. Girl's Sewing Pattern. Girl's Top Pattern. Toddler Top Pattern sizes 1-10

I ADORE this top…… I picture this top for the girls on 4th of July!!

Ruby Jean’s 30 Minute Skirt

Ruby Jean's 30 Minute Skirt - Girl's  Skirt Pattern PDF. Girl Sewing Pattern. PDF Pattern. Toddler Pattern. Sizes 1-10

Ruby Jean's 30 Minute Skirt - Girl's  Skirt Pattern PDF. Girl Sewing Pattern. PDF Pattern. Toddler Pattern. Sizes 1-10

Ruby Jean's 30 Minute Skirt - Girl's  Skirt Pattern PDF. Girl Sewing Pattern. PDF Pattern. Toddler Pattern. Sizes 1-10

Check out Ruby Jean’s Closet!!!  Thanks again for the wonderful giveaway.


Monday Mornings, blah

What is on the agenda for today? A load of laundry at some point during the day. I really should wash out the refrigerator.  I need to clean off my desk but I am not sure I really want to tackle that today.  Tonight… Zumba class!  I haven’t been for almost a whole month now, a combination for Christmas and just feeling depressed/not wanting to do anything.

Quote of the day:

Small changes make a BIG difference.

1000 Gifts {Day 6}    

One thing in your bag, fridge, and your heart.                                                                        

  1. pocket size Bible
  2. Food for the family
  3. Hope of a Canaan Experience in my own life

1000 Gifts {Day 7}                                                                                                       

  3 Graces from people you love

  1. Phone call from my best friend
  2. Daughter’s giggles as she rode her bike
  3. Exciting squeals from older daughter because she getting to Zumba with me tonight

Family Adventure

We went to a park this afternoon, it is part of the civil war trail. We enjoyed the wooded area and discovered a new path that we didn’t realized that exsisted. Discovering this path was pretty exciting for me since it lead to a bridge that I kept seeing from the road. When we would drive by it I would say…”I really want to walk on that bridge.” We have lived here for almost 18 months and I finally got to walk across the bridge.

We explored the park.  We found a few birds nest, we seen the foam on the water, many pinecones, mushrooms on fallen trees, twisted vines, a few ducks.  There was a balance beam and a hill to run up.  Big sister even came back down to help her little sister get up.  The hill was a little slippery since it was covered with pine needles.

DAD and girls


    Lady bugPinecone

I swear is looks like the vine to the left of the pine cones spells LOVE and a little vine heart to the left of that.

I swear is looks like the vine to the left of the pine cones spells LOVE and a little vine heart to the left of that.

woodwooden post

foamy water and twisted branches

foamy water and twisted branches


My daughter seen a stump and asked if she could sit on it.  I told her that was fine and Daddy and sissy joined.  I suggested they count the rings since the tree was huge.  My daughter didn’t want to count but my hubby started counting.  There was a huge rotten spot in the center of the tree so he started counting a few inches from the hole.  He counted 129 rings… minus the huge area that couldn’t be counted.  We are guessing it was around 150 years old.  I am thinking that it was a little sapling during the Civil War.  Neat!

Counting tree rings

Counting the 129 rings… plus there is the huge rotten spot. 150 year old tree stump

 We walked on a little island and see a few fisherman in kayaks.  I love the reflections on the water and the post being beaten by the tide.

kayak fisherman

tree reflection

We spent a few hours there and the sun was starting to set.  Time to call it a day.  The sky was beautiful.

boat dock sunset

Sunset Chesapeake water way

Sunset Chesapeake water way

Quote of the day:

I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in. ~George Washington Carver

1000 Gifts {Day 5}

Something you’re reading, making, seeing

  1. Thing Good Things
  2. Memories with family
  3. God’s masterpiece… Nature

Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins

Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins

Blueberry Oatmeal muffins for breakfast, yum. I was craving something homemade this morning and decided I would make something with oatmeal. I went to the Quaker site and found their Lemon Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins.  I cleaned it up a bit, using whole grain white flour, stevia in the raw and maple syrup in place of the sugar, and coconut oil. (I didn’t add lemon, I didn’t have any.)  The recipe makes a dozen so I have a few more breakfast or snack muffins.

Blueberry Oatmeal Muffin and banana

Quote of the Day:

“Everyday may not be good, but there’s something good in everyday.”

1000 Gifts {Day4}                                                                                                                                                                                                 A gift old, new, blue

  1. Oatmeal
  2. Muffin liners
  3. Quilt for little ones bed

Counting 1000 Gifts {Day 3}

Camellia Lane Hands

Have you ever been going through something or been thinking about something and read a passage/quote… BAM…. It hits you.  It almost sounded like someone actually just said it out loud but you are alone.  You heard it…. I mean you read it and you think, “yeah, that’s the truth.”   I actually experienced this about an hour ago.

We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.”  This is what I heard, loud and clear.  My heart is still beating a little faster.  I know God’s timing is perfect.  On a day like today this is what I needed to hear… giving the control over to him.

Here is a quote I heard on Facebook in early December that keeps playing in my head, my quote of the day.

Most of the time we want God to listen to our plan and make it work instead of listening for his plan and asking him to do what he needs to do to fulfill it through us.  We always need to pray first and then make plans instead of making plans and praying for God to make them work.  Listen for God’s plan; follow it; and you will always succeed.   Joyce Meyer

Counting 1000 Gifts  {Day 3}

Three gifts overheard:

  1. Prayers sent by a three year old
  2. Daddy and littlest daughter talking at bedtime
  3. The lyrics:

I cried out with no reply
And I can’t feel You by my side
So I’ll hold tight to what I know
You’re here, and I’m never alone

I did not get the 1000 Gifts Journal done today.  I realized that I didn’t have the interfacing I needed so I had to wait until I could go out and get some.  I got it and will be ready to work on it tomorrow.

Happy New Year & A Fresh Starts

I think this says it all.  This month we will be submitting our retirement papers and asking to retire 18 months earlier than we are currently scheduled too retire.  We will be asking for the original date which is September 2013.  My heart aches to move back home and settle down but if we are denied, I will take that as a sign that God has something better in the making.  It has been hard from me to believe that he is still working in my life because it doesn’t always seem like it.

Healthy living is on the top of my list this year.  Exercise, healthy food and just making better choices.  I am overweight and I know I need to lose weight but I feel the more I stress over losing weight I get more off track.  So this year I am just focusing on living better, healthier.  No set number of pounds to lose.  Just move more, eat less.  I will know if that is working when I see the changes in my body.  I know the first step for all this is change your mind!  Love yourself.

I have a list of projects to accomplish this year; sewing projects, chemical free cleaning, decluttering, organizing, and crafts.  I also have a list of books to read.

One Thousand Gifts the book and devotional are on sale on Amazon.  I downloaded the devotional for $3.79.  One project I am working on is being thankful, grateful… so I am particapating in the Joy Dare 2013.

Counting 1000 Gifts {Day 1}
1. My dad’s voice on the phone
2. Rain drops from heaven
3. Heat blowing from the vents

Quote of the day:

Never hesitate to take what you think are small things to God; after all, everything is small to God. – Joyce Meyer